A selection of photos of our volunteers who have completed their AQA Accredited Barista Award Qualifications. This qualification provides relevant training allowing our volunteers to gain the skills necessary to work as a barista in local cafes. As we created the qualification, some of the photos are of the first ever certificate holders in the UK.


We have training once a month in many areas including hospitality, sound and light tech, and photography. These training sessions are also AQA Unit Award credited and are enhanced by the practical experience of working every Friday night on the events.

All our young volunteers experience what it's like to work as a team and use the skills they have learnt to make the event nights go well.


As a team we like to have special events just for us, in order to get to know each other better and have some much needed fun (not that working as a volunteer at TBD isn't fun, but we can just sometimes have more fun (you can't have too much fun!)).


Here are some pics of Christmas and summer activities with the team.

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